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Medicare Supplement Plans


At age 65 most Americans are eligible for Medicare benefits. Medicare benefits are not complete coverage and a Medicare Supplement Plan to fill these gaps is highly recommended. All Insurance Companies are required by law to offer the same benefits in their Medicare Supplement Plans. Only the premiums differ, depending on the company and where you live. 

Medicare and a Medicare supplements can cover about 97% of all your health care costs. Benefits are not payable for routine dental, vision, hearing or prescription medications. 

  • Medicare plans are guaranteed issue if you apply within 3 months after turning 65. No existing illness or injury will prevent you from getting the plan of your choice at the best possible price and with full benefits. If you wish to receive information on Medicare benefits and Medicare Supplement plans, please contact us! ​ 

Individual/Famiy ACA Plans


Are you looking for individual health insurance for you and/or your family? Whether you are looking for a standard ACA plan, or a subsidized plan through Covered CA we can help!

Open Enrollment 2018 begins November 1st!

If you have recently lost your employer sponsored coverage, gotten married, or moved to California, you may be eligible to sign up outside of Open Enrollment . You can get an online quote simply by clicking the button below. 

If you require coverage right away, please call.

Small Group


In California, small group coverage is available to all businesses with at least two full time employees. Our agency works with several companies to offer you a wide range of benefits and options. To get a quote for employee coverage,  just contact our office today.

Life Insurance


Life insurance has been a very valuable asset for many American families. Benefits are always tax free and costs are historically low. For pennies on the dollar you can establish a life insurance plan to meet your immediate needs, whether it is to cover a mortgage, business debts, estate preservation, or just assurance of some future financial security. Life insurance plans have flexibility and many choices to meet your needs. 

Long Term Care


Some people may never need a Long Term Care policy, however, the need for care assistance dramatically increases after age 65. According to AAHSA, 69% of Americans aged 65 today will need some form of Long Term Care. Institutional care costs in California can be over $123,000 per year. Without coverage the burden of care may fall on close family members, spouses or friends. Due to increased longevity it is becoming more likely that each of us will need some Long Term Care services at some point in our lives. 

Insurance companies offer Long Term Care insurance plans. These contracts can provide cash benefits for home health care, residential care and nursing home care. Benefits are provided depending on choices of a daily benefit amount, the elimination or waiting period, and the length of the benefit period. A plan can be designed to meet your needs. 

We can provide quotes for you or a family member. Please contact our office for more information.  

Other Services


We also offer coverage for the following: